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What is Silent Manager

Silent Manager is our enterprise solution for medium to large companies.

Silent Manager is a web based interface that offers a simple and secure service to manage multiple users, groups, subscription plans and policies in place across your enterprise.

The dashboard allows an admin to manage users, groups, and plans in one easy to use web based interface that includes Circle in Circle, if that feature is subscribed to.

Also on the dashboard screen sidebar, is the notifications settings and a link to support content to assist systems administrators with Silent Phone and other aspects of Silent Circle services.

Circle in Circle

Circle in Circle allows your enterprise to set communication restrictions for the entire organization. By default, enterprises are connected to the global circle and can disconnect themselves from the network, encapsulating their user’s discoverability and connectivity within the organization.
By default all Organizations are connected to the Global Silent Circle Directory. This means that communications between Company A and Company B are not restricted without explicitly enabling this in their account. Ask your sales executive about enabling this feature for you if you wish to restrict communications within your organization.
Once enabled, go to the Circles Tab in Silent Manager

Interested in Silent manager for your team? Please click here and request a call back from the Sales Team.

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