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How to add a contact using Silent Phone

How to add contacts using Silent Phone

 It’s easy to add a contact to the native contacts app using Silent Phone. We will outline the easy steps below.
Silent Phone on iOS (iPhones, iPads)
Start a conversation with a contact that is not in your native contacts list. Once that interaction has been established, return to the history screen and you should see the contact and the history. Long tap the contact and slide the contact to the right revealing the two options, the small telephone icon which starts a voice call and the small silhouette and plus sign icon.
Tap the plus sign icon and you will be prompted to either add the contact to an existing contact or create a new contact.
Once completed you will now see that contact in your native contacts app.
Silent Phone on Android
Adding to the native contacts app on Android is also easy. Again, start a conversation with a contact that is not in your native contact app. In the bar at the top, tap the silhouetted plus sign icon and follow the prompts.

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  • 26-Jun-2017